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The Nifty Gift Shop

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Save Time with The Nifty Gift Shop

The average American spends up to 25 hours shopping for gifts and waiting in line. (Consumer Reports, 2010)
Save up to 25 hours

The Nifty Gift Shop

"I am the proud owner of the Nifty Gift Shop. My passion for curating thoughtful and one-of-a-kind treasures has transformed my store into a haven for those in search of delightful surprises. Whether it's a special celebration, a heartfelt gesture, or a simple desire to brighten someone's day, you've come to the right place."
Jess Rash
Founder, CEO
When you shop at the Nifty Gift Shop you are supporting a neurodivergent female-owned business, contributing to a local small business, and discovering truly unique gifts that reflect passion, creativity, and individuality.
Autistic, ADHD, Female-owned business

 "Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, because life's more nifty that way."

Nifty Gifts Ahead!

2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds
2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds
2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds
2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds
2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds
2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds
2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds
2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds
2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds

2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds

Price $52.99
Do you need a cozy bed for your pet that will always keep them comfortable and provide them with never-ending playtime fun? Look no further than 2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds – perfect for keeping your cats and small dogs happy! Crafted with luxuriously soft long-plush fabric, your pets will love snuggling up on their new round cat beds – styled especially for maximum comfort.  Plus, the easy-care 2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds are machine-washable and can be folded away for convenient storage. Get your pet the perfect lounge and play combo that they deserve – 2 In 1 Round Tunnel Cat Beds!
Choose a color
  • Grey
  • Rainbow colours
Choose a size
  • 95cm diameter
  • 85cm
Limited only
6 days, 24:00:00

Advice from a Nifty Gift giver

Shop for...

Shop for yourself. My go-to gifts are the ones I couldn't live without at home. My favorite right now is the cup rinser and the veggie chopper, seriously!
Jess Rash
Founder, CEO

Nifty Joy

Everyone needs a pick me up! Check out the niftiest gifts to brighten your day, or living room, like the Fire Dragon 3D light!
Jess Rash
Founder, CEO

Nifty Gifts for the Win

Nifty Gifts are the highlight to any party, act of kindness, and "just because" moments.

Commitment from us

"At the Nifty Gift Shop, our commitment is to provide you with a delightful shopping experience, offering unique treasures that reflect our passion for creativity, inclusivity, and thoughtfulness."

Gift Givers Guide

The Person

Consider the person you are shopping for and really think about their likes, personality traits, and things that make them special. For example, a cat lover would LOVE a gift for their dog... KIDDING! But they might adore a our 2-in-1 tunnel cat bed.

The Occasion

Think about the occasion and what that event means to you. For example, I would spend more money on a birthday gift than a "just-because" gift. 

Be Mindful

Be mindful of your budget, the person, the occassion, AND the gift's purpose. Do you want the gift to be sentimental? Make them laugh? Be regifted? Be super useful? etc. 

Put it Together

Put all of that together to pick the perfect Nifty Gift!

-Who is it for?
-What is the occasion?
-Be mindful of your budget, the person, the occasion, AND the gift's purpose.
60 days, 0:0:0
"Every year, the quest for the niftiest gifts takes HOURS. That's when the idea struck – why not open my own gift shop? A space where I curate uniquely special items, saving both myself and customers over 20 hours of painstaking shopping. Welcome to the Nifty Gift Shop!"       
Quote from fouder of The Nifty Gift Shop - Jess
AuDHD Female-Owned Business
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